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The National Capital Society of American Foresters is one of 32 state and multi-state societies that make up the Society of American Foresters, an organization of professional foresters dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of forestry.  Our members work for state and federal agencies, universities and colleges, forest products companies and private consulting firms, large and small landowners, as well as environmental and political organizations. Although our professional viewpoints vary, we share a common goal - the wise use of our nation's forest resources

              NCSAF Administrative Structure

              2019 NCSAF Leadership Team

              Committee Charters and Postion Descriptions

              NCSAF Bylaws (2007) (Doc)

              NCSAF Strategic Action Plan (2007) (Doc)

              SAF 2013-2017 Strategic Plan

              SAF Code of Ethics The purpose of these principles and pledges is to govern the professional conduct of members of ApSAF in their relationship with the land, the public, their employers, their clients, and each other.

              SAF Constitution and Bylaws

              Capital Forestry: A History of the National Capital Society of American Foresters
                  by Arthur V. Smyth. 1990. NCSAF, Washington, D.C. 53pp. (PDF 5 mb)

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