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Benefits to NCSAF and SAF Membership

SAF has a variety of publications, services, products that benefit our Members. And we’re always looking for ways to add even more value to your membership. We value your past involvement and support. Let me just briefly tell you about the many services and benefits SAF has to offer:

Newest Products and Services

Professional Resource Groups – SAF is in the process of revamping the discussion lists to create seven new PRGs that will allow members of like interests and professions to have meaningful online dialogue. Members can use these PRGs to ask technical or general questions of colleagues, share best practices and expertise, and solve problems.  These PRGs categories are: Consultants; Forest Certification and Auditing, Urban Forestry, Management; International Forestry, Forest Technology, and Forest Ecology/Wildland Recreation.

SAF Member Benefits, Services and Products


  • The Forestry Source and the Journal of Forestry. We’ve significantly improved the content of the JoF and have added departments on recreation, wildlife, soils, history, urban and community forestry, and more. All of these resources are available on-line as well.
  • The research journal Forest Science and the three regional journals of applied forestry continue to present solid on-the-ground techniques. SAF now offers a subscription to all three regional journals online, for the price of one ($52).

Online Searchable Archive

  • The Roots of Forestry™, SAF’s new online archive, encompasses all five of SAF’s periodical journals — the Journal of Forestry, Forest Science, and the Northern, Southern, and Western Journals of Applied Forestry — from 1902 – 1999. The archive contains forestry and natural resource literature comprising approximately 11,750 articles across more than 1,440 issues!  This new product is FREE to all individual members.


  • Every two weeks, you will receive the electronic E-Forester newsletter, which features the latest information in: Forest News; Sustainability & Certification; Forest Discoveries, and Forestry Resources; and news from the SAF National Office.


  • The 2007 National Convention titled, “SAF: Sustaining America’s Forests,” will be held in Portland, Oregon from October 23-27, 2007. Richard Louv, columnist and author of Last Child in the Woods, has been invited to deliver the keynote address. Enjoy sessions on globalization, politics, education, social trends, markets for environmental services, Northwest Forest Plan, development on private forests, conservation strategies, and challenges in leading change.
  • We have more than 150 sessions relevant to the needs of consultants, private industry, researchers, government, students, and more.
  • Breakfast Roundtables based on Special Interest Groups (e.g. consultants, industry, Forest Service, BLM, research, and more).

Professional Development – SAF is committed to your growth and promotion as a professional.

  • Meetings : We have meetings throughout the year that will benefit you: Leadership Academy; Legislative Days; Continuing Education offerings; the National Convention; and more.


  • Chapters : SAF local chapters are a great way to meet other professionals, enhance your skills, get involved, and find jobs.
  • Directories : SAF website offers several directories helping you connect with professionals across the country. And each year we produce the Leadership Guide enabling you to contact leaders with your ideas, concerns, and opportunities to volunteer.

Money-Saving Benefits (Insurance, Product Discounts, Store Discounts)

  • SAF members are eligible for discounts on a variety of products and services, including car rentals, car insurance, student loan conslidations, and paint.
  • Term Life and Long-term Disability – SAF offers attractively priced term life and long-term disability insurance through a partner provider
  • SAF members receive a 20% discount on GIS training through the ESRI Virtual Campus Professional Connection. at bottom of page.

Policy and Public Relations

  • Legislation : SAF actively provides input on national legislation to create sound forest policy. We are regularly asked by member of congress for our ideas and input. This year we are focusing on legislation for firefighting funding. SAF regularly produces position papers outlining key concerns and solutions on a host of issues. 
  • Public Relations : SAF aggressively outreaches to National and Regional media outlets garnering live interview, Op Eds, Press Coverage, Letters to the Editor, and more.

Special Interest Groups

  • SAF has over 28 Working Groups that focus on area such as sustainability and forest certification, urban forestry, wilderness management, recreation, measurements, ecology, geographic information systems, silviculture, and forest production and utilization. Unlimited working group participation is included with your membership. Members gain access to information about upcoming meetings, news, resources, information, and publishing opportunities related to working group specialty areas.


  • SAF’s Rewards Campaign enables members to earn points for SAF activities such as sponsoring new members, attending the convention, taking the online quiz, and more. Members can redeem points for SAF merchandise and gift certificates. online quiz, and more. Members can redeem points for SAF merchandise and gift certificates.

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