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Membership Committee
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The National Capital Society of American Foresters (NCSAF) Membership Committee promotes membership in the Society of American Foresters (SAF) through various activities that encourage the involvement of NCSAF members and potential members.

Organization and Operation

The Membership Committee is composed of a Chair, and several other NCSAF members. The Phonathon committee is part of the Membership Committee. It is composed of a separate Chair, who is also part of the Membership Committee.

The following sections of the NCSAF bylaws relate to the Membership Committee:

“The Executive Committee shall adopt a charter for each of the other standing and special committees, outlining the objectives, organization, and activities of each. The new chair of each committee may recommend to the Executive Committee at its first meeting of the year any changes needed in his/her committee charter. However, amendments may be made to any committee charter with the approval of the Executive Committee at any time.” [NCSAF Bylaws, Article 8: Standing Committees, A. Executive Committee]

“Special Committees, authorized by the Executive Committee, shall be appointed by the Chair. Such committees may include: Communications; Education; Fund Raising; Issues; Membership; Newsletter; Policy; Professional Recognition; Program; and Wild Acres, etc.” [NCSAF Bylaws, Article 9: Special Committees, A. Special Committees]


The NCSAF Membership Committee is responsible for:

A. Carrying out activities designed to involve NCSAF members in NCSAF activities;

B. Listening and hearing NCSAF member concerns and taking appropriate action;

C. Identifying potential new members, and inviting them to join SAF and participate in NCSAF activities;

D. Keeping NCSAF members apprised of membership changes;

E. Supporting the national SAF office in membership activities, where appropriate; and

F. Addressing membership retention through outreach to delinquent members.


The following activities of the Membership Committee are numbered to respond to the particular responsibility listed above:

A. Act as "champion" and advocate for members and membership activities within NCSAF, including announcements and reminders at meetings and through the DC Forester newsletter.

B1. NCSAF members residing in the Washington DC metropolitan area have a choice of more than one State Society to belong to, and sometimes get reassigned by the SAF national office. The Membership Committee insures that the national SAF member database accurately reflects the desires of NCSAF members regarding State Society affiliation.

B2. From time to time, as appropriate, conduct sample surveys of NCSAF members to determine likes, dislikes, and priorities with respect to SAF.

B3. Coordinate a Young Member Networking and Mentoring Program.

B4. Serve as a focal point for efforts to accommodate U.S. and other government ethics regulations, which may influence member involvement in SAF activities.

B5. Greet NCSAF members at meetings and other events, and assure integration of new members (a member of NCSAF for three years or less) into meetings and events.

C1. Develop and implement an annual retention and recruitment strategy.

C2. Review employer directories to identify potential members, and invite them to participate in NCSAF activities.

D1. Maintain and make available an accurate NCSAF membership database.

D2. Conduct analyses as requested by the Executive Committee.

D3. Mantain and update membership section of NCSAF website.

E1. On an annual basis, recognize NCSAF members eligible for Length of Service awards, prepare award letters, and present pins to the members.

E2. Coordinate efforts to identify NCSAF members delinquent in renewing their membership, and encouraging membership renewal.

E3. S upport the annual SAF Membership Phonathon conducted by the national office. The Phonathon Chair arranges for NCSAF members and other volunteers to make telephone calls to SAF members nationwide, who have not renewed their membership.

Adopted by the NCSAF Executive Committee on January 14, 2006

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