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National Capital SAF (NCSAF) Membership Page

Membership Chair Jeanne M. Kavinski
W: 301 650-2634
H: 908 591-6372

            Join SAF for first-time members

            Reinstate Membership for former members who wish to reinstate their membership.

            Renew your Membership for current members who wish to pay dues for the next year

            Membership Benefits

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Join SAF Today online through the national website: SAF Membership Application Form (Online)

Check the National Capital State Society on your membership form
to receive the benefits of NCSAF membership. 

                       SAF Fellows in the NCSAF Chapter

                       Welcome all new NCSAF members and transfers-in
                                     Christine Cadigan
                                     Paul Ries
Victoria Lockhart
                                     Tim Dabney
                                     Mark Pfefferle
                                     Margo Dawley
                                     Alexandra Richman

                        Member Survey 2007-2008 Results and Survey Questions

                        Coordinate NCSAF member participation in national SAF Phone-A-Thon at Wild Acres

                        Recognize NCSAF members who have reached increments of ten years of membership
                                     Mark Reimers reaches 50 years as a member
                                     Boyd Post reaches 50 years as a member
                                     Clark Row reaches 50 years as a member
                                     Bob Van Aken reaches 50 years as a member

                        NCSAF Membership Committee Charter

                        NCSAF and SAF Membership Directories (Members only)

                        Membership Benefits at SAF

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NCSAF 2837 Schoolhouse Circle, Silver Spring, MD 20902
202-205-0854 (day); 202-430-0122 (evening)
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