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Meet the Newest NCSAF Member Tim Dabney

Tim grew up in Mississippi.  At 16 years of age, he set his goals on being a forester in the Sierra Nevada. Well, that was back in 1974. He started working as a co-op student with the Forest Service in 1978. Upon his receipt of a B.S. in Forestry from Mississippi State in 1981, he continued his quest as a permanent employee of the Forest Service. Tim worked in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas working as an inventory forester and silviculturist along with a little sale prep and admin and fire fighting around the country.

And then one day in 1992, Tim was transferred to the Eldorado National Forester as the district silviculturist. The Sierras were everything that he had imagined, and more! He went on to be forest timber management officer and silviculturist. After spending some time as a district ranger and seeing just about every mountain and stream in the Sierras, Tim set his sights on the other coast. He is a recent addition to the National Forest System land’s Stewardship Contracting Coordinator in Washington, DC.

When Tim is not at work, he is usually out on some fun-loving adventure. His latest interest is spending time with life underwater. Scuba diving has opened lots of doors for exploring the world. One of his most special places to dive is in the “cenotes” (underground fresh water rivers) in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Just in a few months on the east coast, he has already discovered a lot of new and fun places. Tim looks forward to making more friends and sharing more adventures. Visit him at or 202.205.0855 or just stop by his cube on the third floor of the Yates Building when you’re in the Washington Office.

Here you can see Tim along an underground cave, complete with a limestone column where humans once lived, that is now a flowing river to the Caribbean.

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