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Bob Van Aken’s hometown is Roxbury, New York in Delaware County. He received his bachelor’s degree in forestry in 1956 from the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse and his Master for Forestry degree from the Yale School of Forestry in 1962.

Bob’s entire professional career has been with USDA Forest Service. His first assignment was on the George Washington National Forest, and from there on he was assigned to positions of greater responsibility. He has worked as a junior ranger, assistant ranger, forester, branch chief, forester in the chief’s office, and staff director on three different national forests and in Regions 2, 7, 6, and 9. When he retired in 1962 he was the Staff Director, Timber Management, in Milwaukee.

Bob is enjoying retirement in Fairfax, VA and traveling and pursuing hobbies. He does volunteer work for the International Society of Tropical Foresters and his church. He has been active in NCSAF over the years, helping with the Wild Acres and national phonathon committees, and the Forest Service retirees’ organization.

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